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Saturday, 13 January 2007

US will not stop making this earth bleeding

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Japan World-One-And-Only-Nuclear Bombing. Korean War. Vietnam War. Palestine War. Iran-Iraq War. Gulf War. Pakistan Bombing. Afganistan Bombing. Iraq Invasion. And yesterdays Somalia Bombing.

Yes brother and sister. This evil will not stop making our earth bleeding. In the last century, their enemy is communist. They create a war to cut down the communist. Korean bomb, vietnam war, they spent much money to do this war, to eliminate communist. Once USSR collapsed, "communist" is not a threat anymore for US. US has to create new enemy. Yes, they take islam countries to be a new enemy.

In Iran - Iraq War, US support a large number of war machine to Iraq. They even making cooperation with some french biological industry to supply iraq with biological bomb. Well, poor saddam. Who support saddam fight? US. Who support saddam war? US. Who make saddam and iraqi people suffer? US. and last, who make saddam hang in the name of justice? US. Yes, US is behind all of crime in the world.

in Palestine, US support israel with money and war machine. There's an independent website which calculating the cost of war, . While US fight for they-call-democrazy in many countries, banning countries who have a bad reputation on democrazy, US keep his eyes clese, keep his ear deaf, and keep his mouth shut when israel torturing the freedom of palestine.

yes, brother and sister. US are evil of the world.

in Pakistan, US Intelligence, CIA create a fake report, pointing a islamic school [pesantren] as a home base of al-Qaeda. In return, 20 students were killed in a air-to-ground missile attack.

And the latest crime, US war planes have launched air strikes on Somalia killing many. In the manner of a true outlaw and in its so called "war on terror", the US government has shown that it is prepared to kill Somalis with impunity just as it is prepared to kill Afghans and Iraqis with impunity.

While its obviously GWB is a world #01 criminal, last year SBY [indonesian president] spending more than 6 milion rupiah [about USD 650.000] to make "welcome party" for GWB. I dont know how can SBY close his eyes and his ear, giving all hospitality to the
world #01 criminal.

Wake up Muslim Ummah ! You have to raise your hand, fight with all you had.
Raise up your voice from every corner of the world....Sacrifice your life,wealth,time,energy to restablish the glorious DEEN.Work for KHILAFAH. InshaAllah very soon victory will be at our disposal.Allah said in Quran, " Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and word righteous deeds, that He will of a surety, grant them in the land inheritance(Of power), as He granted it to those before them........" sura nur:55.

Ya Allah, bantu kami mendapatkan kemuliaan islam
Ya Allah, berikanlah kami kekuatan untuk menegakkan syariahmu
Ya Allah, berikanlah kami kekuatan untuk melindungi syariahmu agar tetap tegak dengan Khilafah

this kalimah of takbeer, will make all superiority come to ALLAH, and everything in this world is inferior. Include US, which soon will be collapsed.

this kalimah of takbeer, will always flow in our blood, keep our mind to fight everyday every night. We will take a rest, soon, in Jannah.

ALLAHU AKBAR !!!!!!!!!!!


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